Island Studio Architecture

Island Studio Architecture

Island Studio architects is a multi-disciplinary architectural firm with an extensive experience in architecture, planning, landscaping and interior design.

Based in Tahiti, French Polynesia and first created by Nicolas Gourdon who has 12 years practice, the company is now shared by people who are passionate about design, and committed to achieving design excellence in their work.

Through our role as the Team’s Designer, we are deeply invested in understanding and perpetuating the cultural and historical resonance of the places we influence.

Sustainable and eco-friendly architecture
is one ofour main aims for creating a better life.

For this reason, we are constantly moving towards a greener architecture as we believe this is certainly the main goal of the present architecture of our time.

Our Team represents extensive experience on both governmentand private sector projects throughout Tahitian islands.

Our current projects include the International Tahiti Airport Renovations and the first social housing Eco village.

Embracing change is a key ingredient in serving our client’s evolvingneeds, which is what Island Studio design culture is all about. Our qualified professionals have the ability and knowledge to deliver award-winning projectson time and within budget.

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Island Studio Architecture
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